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Productivity in the Legal Profession: The Impact of Mobile Technology | Back to List Years: Price: $ 549

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Mobile technology -- particularly smartphones and tablets -- is driving productivity improvements and in some cases innovation among lawyers. But its full power is being held back by firms and law departments that, citing security and management challenges, are grudgingly supporting the devices instead of eagerly embracing them.

ALM Legal Intelligence has conducted a survey of attorneys in legal departments and law firms asking the following questions:

· Do you use a smart phone or tablet for work related purposes?

· Does your smart phone/tablet allow you to stay connected with your clients and increase business development opportunities?

· Does your firm/organization support your use of a smart phone/tablet?

· Has your firm/organization put in place any mobile device management

software to increase their control over how employees use their smart phones/tablets?

· Are courts imposing restrictions on the use of smart phones/tablets in the courtroom?


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