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SLFE Survey of Law Firm Economics, 2017 Edition

Participation deadline July 28, 2017

ALM Legal Intelligence invite small to mid-sized law firms and law departments to participate in the 2017 Survey of Law Firms Economics.  The survey looks at economic statistics and financial data of the legal profession and helps law firm managers in successfully managing and evaluating performance and operations of the firm. This survey is particularly useful to firm management, administrators, strategic planners and office or department heads who are able to efficiently develop comparative analyses of the various statistical data with their firm's data.

The survey collects the firm's data for fiscal year-end, billable hours and rates, compensation, benefits, bonus distribution, as well as firm and lawyer specialization.

The questionnaire includes clear, step-by-step instructions for completion.

Download all necessary materials to complete the survey below:

SLFE 2017 Survey

2017 SLFE Survey Instructions

2017 SLFE Individual Lawyer Data Section 7

Access the electronic version of the questionnaire to submit responses via the Internet: www.almlegalintel.com/SLFE 2017

Download the 2017 SLFE Order Form.

Remember, as a participant — you will receive:

- A free Executive and Excerpt Summary of the Survey results

- A 10% discount when you purchase the Survey, and

- A custom report showcasing your data against the industries.

If you encounter difficulties in downloading these files or accessing the electronic version of the Survey, call Customer Service toll-free at 888-770-5647 or email almlegalintel@alm.com

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the survey, please feel free to reach out to Michelle Matroni at MMatroni@alm.com