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Survey Name: Law Department Survey Bundle
$ 1999
RETAIL VALUE $2,878.00

A compilation of ALM Legal Intelligence's most popular law department benchmarking products.

Law Department Compensation Benchmarking Survey
The Law Department Compensation Benchmarking Survey is the most comprehensive analytical resource for reviewing and setting law department compensation. The Survey collects data on salary, bonus, total cash, and long-term incentive eligibility for nine in-house positions.
The Survey will help you measure your department against comparable departments and will provide a meaningful baseline against which to evaluate the equity and competitiveness of the compensation system you currently use.

Law Department Metrics Benchmarking Survey
Managing a law department in today's business environment is more challenging than ever before. Corporate management is demanding more detailed benchmarking data and closely scrutinizing all aspects of law department performance.
The Law Department Metrics Benchmarking Survey examines law department operations and reports on critical measurements of structure and performance,including staffing, expenditures, outside counsel management, and operations and functions. The Survey makes it easy to compare your law department to similar departments by industry, sales revenue, and department size.

GC Compensation Survey
Corporate Counsel Magazine's annual salary survey of the 100highest paid General Counsels at major corporations. The survey, which appears each year in the August issue, includes the name, rank, salary, bonus, and non-equity incentive compensation.

Law Department Legal Outsourcing Study
ALM Legal Intelligence is pleased to present the Law Department Legal Outsourcing Study - examining trends in outsourcing legal matters within corporate law departments. Find out who the key decision makers are, average budget for legal spend, how resources are allocated among various legal sectors, and the extent to which companies catalogue and analyze value and service received from external law firms.

In-House Tech Survey
The complete results of Corporate Counsel Magazine's survey of legal department technology. Information includes:

Corporation's Fortune rank
Number of lawyers and legal staffers
Primary operating system
Matter management software

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