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Survey Name: Corporate Representation (Who Counsels Who)

Starting in 2005, all information about public and private companies from the “Who Counsels Who” surveys conducted by ALM Legal Intelligence and its sister publications was combined into one product. Additional representation information is culled from firm websites as well as from public records, additional surveys and any corresponding information from all of ALM's magazines and newspapers—about 30 in all. Main categories of representation in the data include, but are not limited to:

   * General Corporate Representation

   * Litigation

   * Intellectual Property

   * Labor and Employment

   * Global representation and important subdivisions of the main categories (from 2004 forward)

   * IPO Filing for private corporations

   * Patent Prosecution for private corporations

   * Private Equity Deals for private corporations

   * And more


Note that this product is updated on a monthly basis. ALM Legal Intelligence Database subscribers have free access to this product as part of their subscription. Non-subscribers who purchase this product individually will be given a link to access the monthly updates.

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