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Survey Name: Up or Out: When Partners Have to Go
Up or Out: When Partners Have to Go is a white paper published by ALM Legal Intelligence, commissioned by SJL Shannon, LLC. ALI gathered the data and administered the online survey.

In summer 2013, ALM Legal Intelligence, in association with SJL Shannon, created a survey focusing on the partner transition process; specifically, when attorneys are asked to leave a law firm. In order to get a 360° view on the process from both sides of the coin, we fielded concurrent surveys among lateral partners as well as law firm administrators at NLJ 350-size law firms across the U.S. Invitations to a web-based survey were sent out on July 17, 2013 and the survey closed the field on August 27, 2013. Of the 65 firms who started the survey, 13 qualified for the remainder of the survey (acknowledged having partners move to another firm involuntarily). Of the 330 lateral partners who initially participated, 18 qualified to continue through the survey (acknowledged being involuntarily released from their former firm). We have supplemented their survey data with in-depth conversations from other partners and firms involved in the process in order to round out the data.

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