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Survey Name: Law Firm Staffing and Diversity
$ 399
Diversity Scorecard


The Diversity Scorecard contains detailed information on minority legal staffing levels at law firms in the NLJ 250 and Am Law 200. Key data points include:
  • Number of U.S. citizen attorneys
  • Percentage of minority attorneys;
  • Specific figures for four major ethnic/racial groups: African-American attorneys, Asian-American   attorneys, and Hispanic-American attorneys
  • Breakdown by partner and non-partner attorneys
  • Top Diversity firms, broken down by: overall minority partners, newly-promoted lateral partners, LGBT, disabled and ethnic subsets

NLJ Female Scorecard


The Female Scorecard contains staffing counts on female attorneys at NLJ 250 law firms. Key data points include:  

·         Women in Law Score ( and ranking)

·         Total female attorneys

·         Total female partners

·         Total female associates

·         Total female attorneys classified other than partner or associate

NLJ Staffing Survey


Derived from the National Law Journal's NLJ 250 Survey, this data is non-published information on the staffing levels of the top 250 law firms in the U.S. and includes:

·         Number of associates hired in the previous year

·         Number of associates hired laterally in the previous year

·          Number of associates lost in the previous year

·          Number of new partners hired in the previous year

·          Number of partners promoted from within in previous year

·         Number of partners lost in previous year

·          Numbers of part-time and non-staff, i.e. contract, attorneys used in previous year

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