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Survey Name: Regional Rankings Bundle
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DC 25


National Law Journal & Legal Time's annual ranking of the top money-makers among Washington's law offices.

Legal Times 150


Legal Times' and the National Law Journal's annual survey of the largest law firms in Washington D.C. includes number of lawyers, number of partners, percent change from previous year and expected number of associates.

PA 100


The Legal Intelligencer annual survey of the100 largest law firms in Pennsylvania. Data is ranked on firms’ number of full-time attorneys in the PA office, and also includes attorney counts for all offices, attorney counts for previous year, and gross revenue and associate salary where available (some firms would not disclose revenue or salary data).

All data reflect the firm’s numbers as of June 8, 2010 and does not include counts for contract attorneys.

Texas 100


Texas Lawyer's annual survey of the largest law firms in Texas includes number of equity and non-equity partners, number of associates, number of counsel, number of other attorneys, managing partners, clients, and number of lawyers in each branch office.

NYLJ 100


New York Law Journal's survey of the largest firms in New York including number of lawyers, equity partners, associates, and branch offices.

FL 100


The Florida Daily Business Review 100 is a list of the largest 100 law firms in Florida by attorney count based on surveys sent to more than 180 firms.

Legal Times Influence 50


Legal Times’ and the National Law Journal’s “Influence 50” lists lobby shops and law firms with the highest revenues for lobbying work in 2011. To qualify for the Legal Times Influence 50, firms must have reported at least $2 million in Lobbying Disclosure Act fees and had at least $7 million in overall lobbying revenue in 2011. This survey includes rank (based on highest to lowest Gross for 2011), firm name, percentage change from previous year, and total lobbyists.

SF 100 


The Daily Business Review annual survey of the 100 largest law firms in Florida. The Daily Business Review surveyed firms with a major Florida presence. Not all firms disclosed data. For purposes of uniformity, gross revenue represents legal fees billed and collected in a firm’s fiscal year. It does not include disbursements or soft costs. National firms are included if they generated substantial revenue in Florida. Dollar figures are from the latest fiscal year

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