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Survey Name: ALM Ranking Package
$ 999

Am Law 200


Price: $899

ALM's definitive ranking of America's top 200 revenue grossing law firms. The Am Law 200, which is published annually in the month of June, includes:

* Gross revenue, rank by gross revenue

* Rank by gross revenue for prior year

* Revenue per lawyer, rank by revenue per lawyer

Profits per partner, rank by profits per partner

Profits per partner for prior year

Net operating income

* Compensation average for all partners, rank by compensation average all partners

* Profitability index

* Number of lawyers

* Number of equity partners

Contact information, including address, phone, fax, web site

Beginning in 2005, the report was expanded to include Value per Lawyer. This figure is calculated by dividing the combined compensation of all partners by the total number of lawyers. That figure is then divided by $10 million to calculate how many lawyers it takes to generate that amount. As a result, the survey now includes the following new data points:

* Rank by Value per Lawyer

* CAP divided by number of lawyers

* Lawyers needed to generate $10 Million


Global 100


Price: $599

The Global 100 chart package ranks the world's largest law firms by revenue (Most Revenue), head count (Most Lawyers), profits per partner (Most Profits Per Partner), revenue per lawyer (Most Revenue Per Lawyer), and most percentage of lawyers based outside of a firm’s home country (Most Global). Firms are eligible for placement on the Most Revenue chart, the Most Lawyers chart, or both. A total of 119 firms are included on our global charts. Most firms provide their financials voluntarily. Some refuse to cooperate. All information,whether volunteered by the firm or not, is investigated by our reporters. Foreign law firms differ in structure from U.S. law firms, but we have taken steps to level the playing field.


NLJ 350


Price: $500

The NLJ 350 contains key information about the size of the nation's largest law firms. The spreadsheet includes:

    * Rank based on Total Number of Attorneys (full-time equivalent for the previous calendar year)

    * Total Number of Attorneys

    * Total Number of Partners

    * Total Number of Equity Partners

    * Total Number of Non-Equity Partners

    * Total Number of Associates

    * Total Number of Other Attorneys

    * Starting Salaries for First Year Associates

    * Location of Branch Offices

    * Breakdown of Number of Attorneys by Branch Office

    * Key Marketing Contact Information

In 2012, the National Law Journal expanded its coverage of the largest firms in the U.S. to 350, from 250 firms in previous editions.

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