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Survey Name: Major, Lindsey & Africa Lateral Partner Satisfaction Survey
The third edition of the Major, Lindsey & Africa (MLA) Lateral Partner Satisfaction Survey, measuring the lateral partner hiring and integration process.

Data for the Survey was collected using an online questionnaire hosted by ALM Legal Intelligence (ALI). Invitations were emailed to 57,322 partners across the United States and abroad at firms which have been Am Law 200-, NLJ 350- or Global 100-ranked in the past five years. The emailed invitation contained a link which partners could use to access the online survey. To maximize the response rate, two email reminders, spaced about two weeks apart, were also sent.

The sample of lateral partners was provided by ALI from its proprietary database of practicing lawyers in the United States and abroad. The questionnaire was developed by MLA in association with ALI. As an incentive to complete the Survey, respondents were entered into a drawing to win an American Express gift certificate valued at $1,000 (or, at the winner’s option, a donation of that sum to the charity of his or her choosing).

Responses were received from partners practicing across the United States (1,114) and abroad (61) for a total of 1,175 responses. 1,100 emails were returned as undeliverable. Assuming that all of the remaining partners contacted received the invitation, the overall response rate was approximately 2.1%. As is customary with surveys of this nature, not every respondent answered every question. Each data table notes the actual number of respondents for each category. In order to present the data meaningfully, in certain cases, individual respondents were grouped into larger categories.

You can access the 2013 MLA Lateral Partner Satisfaction Survey here.
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